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No-Effort Wedding Decor: Peacocks!

At a friend's wedding in Austin, TX, the decor was minimal, since the site, a local historic park, was so picturesque. The most interesting part of the decor? The peacocks that strolled through the grounds of the park.

The peacocks were surprisingly tame and non-invasive, and they kept everyone from grandmothers to toddlers engaged. The bridesmaids at the wedding all wore peacock feather headbands or haircombs for the ceremony, inspired by the on-site birds.

CalidaA CalidaA 4 years 5 weeks
This is so cool, I don't know how to express myself at the moment. Peacocks and minimal decor; simply amazing.
Go2Girl Go2Girl 4 years 7 weeks
This is a beautiful photo - hope you framed it! :-)