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10 Foods to Help You Detox

This holiday season, I went a little overboard and am now feeling the urge to eat clean. Since most detox diets are usually calorie-deprivation diets in disguise, I steer clear of them, but I still think that there are natural ways to get your body back on track. Exercise, cutting out alcohol and refined sugars, and eating a healthy diet does wonders. A little extra help doesn't hurt either.

Here are ten healthy foods with natural cleansing properties. Include them in your next meal and get rid of that extra junk left over from the big feast.

10 Foods to Help You DetoxWatercressLemon WaterDark Leafy GreensFresh FruitCabbageArtichokesBeetsGinger and GarlicGreen TeaWhole GrainsWhich of these foods do you already eat?
nehakbar nehakbar 2 years 22 weeks
good one watercress isnt available in my country though
Sandi2476117 Sandi2476117 2 years 26 weeks
Starting Monday?
Giovana101 Giovana101 2 years 34 weeks
I wish the article would tell us the best way of cooking them too, I.e, I love artichokes, but i boiled them for a long time and i imagine this process kills all the vitamins... is the other way to cook it without losing the health nutrients?
guavajelly guavajelly 3 years 36 weeks
Warm lemon water is a great way to alkalize the body. These are great tips that can be done a lifetime & not just during a "detox"
danakscully64 danakscully64 3 years 41 weeks
It's weird how this is a detox list, this should be titled "Foods everyone should be eating on a regular basis."
4 years 28 weeks
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4 years 36 weeks
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4 years 36 weeks
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4 years 36 weeks
Help! I need to lose about 25 lbs and keep it off for GOOD!!!! I need suggestions for the best ways out there. I am a healthy almost 40 yr old woman who excercises but loves to eat and drink unfortunately and needs to change her ways! Input needed. Thanks! Paige
Angelica Angelica 4 years 37 weeks
What a great list! After a couple weeks of holiday parties and cookie gift boxes I'm trying to cut back on refined sugar, so these added suggestions are so helpful!
yu1 yu1 4 years 37 weeks
My mom always makes me have a glass of warm water with lemon when I wake up! She also suggests warming honey in a heat proof bowl over a stove, squeeze some limes on top then mix and pour into a glass of warm water and stir...It has quite the acrid taste, but it definitely cleanses your system!