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the 10 friends every girl needs


10 Friends Every Girl Needs
Invite 10 of your closest friends... Wait. Who has 10 close friends? After reading this, you will.

How many friends does a girl need to change her life from pretty good to gorgeously great? The answer depends on your definition of “friend.” In school, you might get the idea that defining “friend” and spelling “friend” are one in the same: Put the E after the I because a friend is a friend to the end: FRI-END. Super advice—that is, if you’re in third grade and haven’t mastered the I-before-E-except-after-C concept.

Because, excuse us, a friend is a friend to what end? Lunch period? High school? Life? That’s a heavy-duty responsibility when all you’re looking for is someone to tag along with at the mall. And what about the girl you only talk to when you sit next to her in geometry class? Or, how about the boy-bud who lives down the street that you skateboard with and love to beat at video games? He’s fun to hang with now, but you shouldn’t have to worry about him or the geo-class friend when you’re choosing bridesmaids one day. Can you smell what we’re brewin’ here?

Yes, there are lots of friends—10, according to us—who absolutely qualify as friends without having to include them in your last will and testament. Sure, your BFF could be a lot rolled into one. But why not widen your friendly circle anyway? Here, the 10 best friends a girl can the end or to whenever.

1. The Personal Shopper
Who she is: Some girls have an innate ability to solve algebra problems. Other girls have a curious ease at solving problems like which shoes go with which skirt. This would be your Personal Shopper friend. This is not to suggest that you aren’t already of the well-clothed variety. You still need someone who gets it to hit the rounder racks with you. Someone with a fab sense of style who wears heels to the mall but still tirelessly walks that galleria like she’s in fuzzy slippers.

Why she rocks: You look better for knowing her! This friend has a bulldog’s nose for bargains, an Energizer-bunny endurance for big-sale Saturdays, and an infrared-radar for spotting cute guys at the food court. She’s also honest, which is key when you’re stuffing your gluteous maximus into jeanus minimus.

2. The Secret-Keeper
Who she is: If you’ve ever seen a bee-keeper tending hives on the Discovery Channel or PBS, you’ve maybe thought: 1) Bee-keepers are weird, and 2) don’t any bees ever get inside that nutty, netty get-up? But that’s the danger: Bees, secrets...we’re gettin’ deep on you, honey. Whether you’ve got a big secret (you like another girl’s guy) or a small secret (you wear a padded bra), trust- worthiness is like mental bee-keeper gear—except with your Secret-Keeper, the secrets stay inside.

Why she rocks: You can share secrets and gossip with this friend about other people’s (obviously misguided) decisions about who to like, what to wear and how to do their hair. You just had to tell someone, so make sure it’s this girl, the one who won’t sting you by telling someone else. Shhh.

3. The Weekend Warrior
Who she is: If you like nothing more than working and studying and doing chores at home all the time, then you are somewhat of a freak. But if you get that hankering for a hunk of nightlife now and again, the Weekend Warrior is the friend to call. She’s her own party, and even just getting ready to go out with her is a good time. But once you’re out? Look out! She swerves through parties like a celeb, makes friends with unknown hotties from other schools like she’s their third cousin and knows why the slasher-blood movie is a better choice than the sweet romantic comedy. (Hint: It’s cuzza the boys in the audience!)

Why she rocks: After Friday night comes Saturday, and she’ll be a trooper and set your alarm for noon so you can both get some quality day-trippin’ into the weekend agenda. Bikes, hikes, beaches or mall benches, this girl is never bored or boring, and easy as Sunday morning.

4. The Boy Magnet
Who she is: If a movie star were in the ninth grade, wouldn’t you want her to be your lunch-table buddy? Granted, the conversation would be limited to clearing up the confusion between canned chicken and tuna, but you betcha the boys would be aware of your table. Some girls seem to have a magical allure that makes guys notice. Your Boy Magnet bud sports a calm exterior around boys, and they like her for it. Whole groups of ’em agree to meeting her (with you!) on Friday nights. And, more important, her crush du jour agrees to double-dating (with you!) and one of his pals.

Why she rocks: This friend keeps your mojo rising because her confident demeanor attracts the company of scads of hot dudes. And the more you hang out with guys, the more comfortable (and confident) you’ll become around the mysterious male species. Your last crush didn’t pan out? She’ll help ya find another. She’s also excellent at reminding you the obvious details such as removing your retainer before talking to you-know-who.

5. The Brainiac
Who she is: For way too long, girls who got the best grades also got the shaft. But finally, the high school world acknowledged that having a big brain is attractive and awesome. And you need some of that. It could be one subject that stumps you—or all of them—or maybe it’s time to start being a studious studette. Whatever the reason, The Brainiac is your study buddy, your pre- and post-exam support, your academic confidante. Big test next week? With this friend, her book-learnin’ tricks, a library, and endless vanilla lattés...bring it on!

Why she rocks: This acquaintance’s relentless acumen in the discernment of the school’s deleterious rather than propitious substantiates any perspicacity unemployed by an otherwise cognitively fathomable friend. Better said: She be smart.

6. The Comedian
Who she is: How many BFFs does it take to change a lightbulb? One, dope—it’s a lightbulb. But you don’t need the Comedian to be a BFF, and you don’t need help changing a lightbulb. Nyuck, nyuck. You need this friend because she makes you laugh. She gets you to belly chuckle at the good and bad. When your crush asks another girl to the formal or you miss getting a B on the big test by two points or you eat a whole row of Oreos for no good reason...this girl says or does just the right thing to make you crack up. When life is so ridiculous it feels like a joke, it’s good to have a jokester around.

Why she rocks: This friend is funny. Ain’t nothin’ better. She’s hysterical, witty, and knows just what makes you bust a gut. Anyone who makes you laugh so hard that the soda comes out your nose? A keeper.

7. The Sage
Friends, as we hope you’ve learned by now, can serve lots of different purposes. The Sage is a groovy time, while still influencing you in lovely, mature, good-for-you directions. And she can be your mom, an aunt, an older sister—even a neighbor who doesn’t seem bothered that you conveniently happen to show up every time she’s making chocolate-chip cookies.

Why she rocks: The Sage can tell you which shade of lipstick truly looks good on you and what to do when some creepy guy grabs your butt at the school dance. She’s wiser (well, you get that now), very cool, and she won’t give you bogus or too-strict advice...because it’s coming from her own experiences. Plus, she can pay for lunch.

8. The Partner
Who she is: In cop movies, it’s cool. In square dancing, it’s goofy. But the Partner friendship should never go unappreciated. This friend is the toy at the bottom of the box in whatever situation (or mess) you’ve wiggled yourself into. Got a school project with an abusive deadline? You and your Partner are about to bond! Stuck pouring decaf for minimum wage? Your same-shift co-worker is sweeter than rainbow sprinkles. Or, say, on the softball team, you’re the pitcher, she’s the catcher. Outside of team activities, you might hardly hang. At practice or games, she’s your girl.

Why she rocks: This is a love formed out of circumstance. You play or work or even carpool together, and it’s cool—because this is a unique-to-the-sitch friendship. Just don’t tell your BFF you just don’t know what you’d do without this girl. Even if she fronts, she’ll be secretly jealous.

9. The Boy
Who he is: Boys are excellently fun hang buds and a bonus to your romantic life. The Boy is key to any girl’s existence because he keeps you grounded on all matters unfamiliar to boy-budless females. For example, your crush mentions his fave sports team. Because you have a boy bud, you know how they’ve been doing this season. This friend is extra great because he likes to do boyish stuff that involves getting dirt under your nails. That’s just so refreshing, isn’t it?

Why he rocks: Freedom looks like this: The Boy so wishes you’d put on a T-shirt, forget about your hair and, dude, come on, so you can get to the skate park. Get it?

10. The Rock
Who she is: Ever heard of Sisyphus, the guy who pushed and pushed the boulder up the hill, only to watch it roll down every time? That’s how life feels sometimes. Enter the Rock. She’s got her own probs, it’s true. But she’s also got a knack for handling your cares and worries and, when it’s all too much, your tears. Her back is strong, so you can go to her to shoulder the angst of whatever ails you. This friend is also macaroni-and-cheese for your emotions. When you need to talk about it, she’s ready to listen.

Why she rocks: This friend is there for you. When there aren’t too many happy, shiny Kodak moments in your life, the Rock is right by your side. “It’s OK,” she’ll say, because it is. She’s simply the friend who reminds you how fine everything is going to be, no matter how cloudy and dreary it feels right now.

—Jodi Bryson

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this is so cute :)
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This is a really fun read! Like you said some friends fill more than one role.
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that is sooo great!