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Will Mars Bars Save "Veronica"?
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The 10 questions I want to ask Kristen Bell:

The girls at Sugar get to talk to soooo many cool people. Maybe someday they'll get to chat with Kristen Bell. We should compile a list of things we, as fans, neeeeeed to know. I'll start it off.

1. Veronica, besides being an awesome and kick-ass female role model of sorts, is totally a fashion icon as well. What's your favorite outfit you've worn on the show?

2. The illustrious Rob Thomas and collected writers have made some interesting and controversial plot and writing decisions over the seasons; if you were the boss, were there any plot twists or character actions you would have changed or vetoed? Follow up, RT is notorious about keeping the story arc a secret and letting the actors in on a need-to-know basis. What surprises in the mysteries were the most shocking to you? What, if anything, did you not see coming?

3. Ok, honest, how often do you make out with your boyfriend and pretend he's Logan? Just kidding. Sort of.

4. What's the hardest thing about about playing Veronica? How are you the most like her? How are you the least?

5. I love you, but I'm seriously bad at watching scary movies. Do I need to see Pulse?

That's just a start. Let's add to this until Sugar gets us an exclusive with KB!

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