15 Foods to Help You Sleep

If you rely on sleeping pills for a good night's sleep, take note: a recent study found that those who took sleeping aids like Ambien and Lunesta had a higher risk of dying sooner or developing cancer. While the jury's still out on whether the study found merely a correlation between being sick and taking sleeping pills (rather than the medication being the cause of the early deaths), why not play it safe with a natural fix? If you're a restless sleeper, try eating any of these foods a few hours before bedtime and be ready for a personal visit from Mr. Sandman.

Sources: Flickr User JPescada, Thinkstock

15 Foods to Help You SleepHoneyWhole GrainsBananasBeansDairyNutsOatsPoultryChickpeasYogurtCherry JuiceLeafy GreensTeaGrapesEggs
Maeganmaxfitness Maeganmaxfitness 6 years 18 weeks
Love all this info.... I wake up several times a night and will try these to hopefully fix the problem :)