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Good weather is starting in Sicily
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HarperLeo HarperLeo 3 years 13 weeks
Missing you darling! PopSugar says everything will be the same, same features, etc, just different operating system and look. And they also say to be patient. I am NOT happy about no one telling us about any of this unlike the first time they changes, or how long this change seems to be taking, very unprofessional. I am trying to make look everyday, until one takes and doesn't get spammed. We must keep our community going! I will be posting updates about PopSugar Social as much as I can on my facebook page, "A Life Less Ordinary". Hopefully all will be semi normal soon! XOXO< HL
pnklmnade pnklmnade 3 years 13 weeks
Hey sweets! Long time no hear ;) I just got an email from Grace and she said that the site isn't completely up and running yet that everything will be to our liking very soon! Can't wait for everything to get back to normal!