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Robert Pattinson Gets Snacks at a Gas Station
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Oscars 2013: The Woman Who Saved Charlize Theron From a Fashion Disaster

If Charlize Theron‘s red carpet moment and opening dance number for the Oscars look like they went off without a hitch, it’s thanks to her behind-the-scenes magician, celebrity stylist Leslie Fremar. And magic it was: The stylist teamed up with The Coveteur for Oscars weekend to give a prepping play-by-play, from the fittings to the fixings. And she didn’t withhold any details—including the part about how the Dior dress custom designed for her dance number ripped while during rehearsals at 10:06 a.m., just hours before she had to take the stage. But it was all fixed before showtime! Click over to thecoveteur.com to get all the details on Leslie Fremar’s epic night of styling.
— Sharon Clott