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Greek Yogurt with Red Wine-Infused Dates, Toasted Walnuts & Honey
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3 Layer Dip =)

One of my favorite dips:
Shredded cheese (any kind)
8 oz cream cheese
can of chili (or homemade)
*You need enough chili and cheese to cover the dish.
Choose a pan to put it in, I typically use an oval dish.
Spread cream cheese on the bottom (use all 8 oz)
Pour the chili on top (this is the second layer), remember it's a dip so put enough to cover it, but don't go too crazy)
Sprinkle on enough cheese to cover it completely
Pop in microwave long enough to make warm (5-6 mins should work)
And you're done!
Eat with nacho chips or ritz crackers!
I hope you like it!

Iveenia Iveenia 6 years 2 days
there is a website with various smileys - it is in German - if someone would like to get the link PM :) you will get it with the Dictionary - so you understand all other categories, too :)
inlove23 inlove23 6 years 2 days
It's pretty addicting =) lol. How do you make smily faces?
Iveenia Iveenia 6 years 2 days
Thank you Lauren i love these girlies - they are so cute :)
lauren lauren 6 years 2 days
hahahah! iveenia, your poor smiley! Cute though!
Iveenia Iveenia 6 years 2 days
and hot ;)
lauren lauren 6 years 2 days
Oh this does sound delicious!