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4 Total Body Toning Moves You Can Do With Just a Chair

By Jessica Smith

No Equipment? No Problem! Try these four total body toning moves at the office, from home -- anywhere you have access to a sturdy chair!


4 Total Body Toners You Can Do With a ChairTotal Body Toner #1: Chair Squat Cross ChopTotal Body Toner #2: Chair ClimberTotal Body Toner #3: Chair Dip & TwistTotal Body Toner #4: Rear Attitude Crunch
emilyneai emilyneai 3 years 18 weeks
Nice on-the-chair workouts! I'll definitely try these out. I used to have a lot of shoulder and lower back pain from sitting in front of the computer all day at work. It's gotten a lot better but it's definitely helped that I got a new, and more supportive chair. You can always get another chair, but you can never get your health back!