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4-Year Old Dies of Gunshot Wound

UPDATE: This little girl died today.

The shooting was reported at noon as a child was injured while playing with a gun that had been left unattended.

"It's not exactly known what went down," said Sgt. Marissa Barnes of the Kansas City Police Department. "The adult that was in the house left the room, heard the shot and came back in and the child was injured."

Authorities said the girl was rushed to a hospital in critical condition.

KMBC's Peggy Breit reported that three other children under the age of 6 were in the home. Police said they think one of the other children may have picked up the gun, hitting the girl.

Neighbors said it's a quiet street and most of the people who live there, including the family at the house where the shooting happened, have been there a long time.

"It's definitely sad. It's a sad event," said neighbor Dan Peters. "You hear about it (happening), but it's just kind of like, it's, like, now that it's, like, right down the street, it's totally different, you know?"

Angie Petersen said she flew home from Colorado and heard about what happened at her neighbor's house.

"She's just a little doll. I haven't talked to the mom or anyone yet and I plan to, but it sounds like a horrible, horrible accident," she said.

The girl's father said the gun was his. The stepmother who was home with the children said she didn't even know it was there.

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