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5 Dieting Mistakes to Avoid Over the Holidays

December is a month rife with temptations for the dieter. Holding steady through the holidays and maintaining your weight through the season is certainly admirable. Especially when factor in that you have less time to exercise and more events to attend. But play it smart and avoid these common mistakes dieters tend to make around Christmas and New Years.

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5 Dieting Mistakes to Avoid Over the HolidaysDepriving YourselfCutting CarbsSkipping BreakfastOverestimating Calories Burned Underestimating Calories Eaten
ella1978 ella1978 6 years 24 weeks
I in the process of losing weight, and this time of year is awful. I don't crave sweets that much, but when there is a buffet of varitable sugary treats in front of me, it's like I can't keep away. My tricks: I am always ready to leave the room when willpower is weak. I plan on keeping fizzy water around as a beverage choice. I also have to tell myself that this stuff is readily available all year round, and I don't HAVE to eat it now - I could go buy it at a later date if I wanted it! (except for peppermint ice cream - my fav!) I also plan on adding extra workouts through the holiday. I usually take the weekends off, but I think I'll add a weekend workout or two, and try doing calastenics in the evening at home. It will be a tough couple of weeks!
Fitness Fitness 6 years 25 weeks
That's a good addition mamasita!
mamasitamalita mamasitamalita 6 years 25 weeks
you missed one (in my opinion) -- don't beat yourself up if you have one cocktail too many or put some whipped cream on your cocoa.