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5th Birthday Party VS. Disneyland

We took my son to Disneyland last year (he was 3 ½, really his 4th b-day was 4 months away). We want to go again, and we’re thinking of going this January, which happens to be the same month of his birthday. Well, he’s been saying that he wants a Pokemon birthday party for his 5th birthday, and I’ve been planning one (yes, I know it’s months away, but I love it), but my husband said over the weekend that if we take him to Disneyland that he won’t be having a party. I love to plan parties, and my son hasn’t changed his mind about what kind of 5th birthday party he wants since his last party, so I really want to do it. AND, it’s his 5th birthday (an important number, right?!?). But my honey says, wouldn’t it be better to take that money to Disneyland instead of spending it on the party. Now I’m torn? What do you think?

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sofi sofi 8 years 43 weeks
We just had my son's 5th b-day and I have been hearing about it for a whole year. We also went to Disneyland a year ago and I am also hearing about that everyday! How about you go to Disney-because he will really love it and remember it now pretty well. Can you just get some Pokemon decorations on the actual day of his birthday and have a Pokemon family day- birthday cake, decor, and stuff but you don't have to have more guests. At 5, he will probably understand that Disneyland is his birthday present. He can still have a Pokemon birthday- just for family. good luck...
kitcatz22 kitcatz22 8 years 44 weeks
it would be more fun in Disney World, you woul remember that better, :b.
MotoLinz MotoLinz 8 years 44 weeks
I think the party is a good idea because he gets to celebrate with his friends. I like the idea of a smaller, less expensive/flashy party and a trip to Disneyland. :)
redlilly24 redlilly24 8 years 44 weeks
i think the party is a big deal to him, seems like he is really expecting it, and it can be fun and enjoyable for him to spend a fun time with friends, cake, persents etc. he might not be too thrilled with going to disney land and not having his party, he might feel upset about. so maybe making a small one and saving the rest of the money for the trip is a good idea, im sure he will enjoy it so much more.
Mieko Mieko 8 years 44 weeks
I agree with hvnly34, that way your son doesn't feel slighted. He gets what he really wants and Disneyland will be a plus for him. From a kids point of view, the best birthday ever.
hvnly34 hvnly34 8 years 44 weeks
I love children's parties. I would have a small Pokeman party and still go to Disneyland. If you start buying the stuff for the party now, it won't seem like you're spending that much money on it in January.