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Hi. Welcome to my group and my world of makeup and fashion. I have been a longtime favorite of fashion and follow many fashionistas on the internet. I also love makeup and am always looking for skin care tips. etc.

I also love bargains and am always looking for one. As far as cosmetics go I buy everything from Wet & Wild to Estee Lauder.
I also shop from thrift to Walmarts to Macys in one day if I have to to find what I want. Yes I love bargains but will pay more for something for fit and quality. Hope we develop good relationships and tips on this blog.

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Sherrilee Sherrilee 3 years 12 weeks
Ok I finallly found me. I can[t even find the post button or link etc. on my own blog. Popsugar has changed the format. I haven[t posted for a while but I have a 'estee Lauder haul to post. I got the gift purchase actually the gift purchas and bonus gift. I spent about $70.00 at the counter. I don't regretit and hadn[t made a purchase like that in a year. I bought two lipsticks, one a dark brown maybe berry brown and one a mocha. In the gift purchase I got fushia pink lipsticks which I like because they aren't so pale. I also bought a tube fo their skin cleanser which I love. It's mild and creamy and works for cleansing and those lines in our face. I wiol be posting about some other things in my beauty bundle later.