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Get Bikini Ready Abs (all year long!)

Why wait until summer to get your abs in shape? There’s no reason you can't have bikini ready abs - all year round!

Try some of these Bikini Belly Moves to help burn fat while toning your belly (work your way up to 3 full sets circuiting from one exercise to the next):

1)    Plank ‘Walk’:

From a plank position (top of a pushup), bend and lower elbows down onto floor, ‘walk’ back up onto hands. Do 4 times – leading with your right arm, then repeat 4x with L arm leading. (Make it easier by bending your knees to the floor on your plank).

2)    Leg Throws:

Lie on your back with your legs extended to the ceiling, with the right leg crossed over the left. Arms bend by head, fists pressed into the floor. Lower legs down quickly (as if someone was throwing them down for you), without letting your lower back arch, and then squeeze bellybutton in and exhale as you lift your legs back up. (To make it easier don’t let legs drop as low). Do 5 with your right leg on top, 5 with the left.

3)    Bicycle Freeze:

Lie on back, doing a traditional bicycle crunch (cross opposite elbow to knee while other leg extends parallel to the floor) hold twist to one side and do 5 small pulses to the knee (that’s one rep). Do 10 reps alternating sides each time.

And, on those special midriff baring occasions, banish belly bloat with these simple tips:

1)    Eliminate excess water weight with lemon. Squeeze lemon juice into your water throughout the day for a natural diuretic. Drink at least 8 glasses a day, (more if you are very active or sweating). You’ll stay hydrated while eliminating bloating.

2)    Eat lots of water filled and based foods. Broth based soups, fruits and veggies are all great picks. You’ll fill up faster and flush out your system.

3)    Practice good belly form: draw your belly button into your spine (without holding your breath) to engage your abdominals and help to flatten them. Hold it for 30 seconds and then relax. Work up to holding it for a full minute (or 2). This is an abs exercise you can do anytime, anywhere!

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