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Adult Acne or Rosacea?




Many people wrongly assume that anyone past puberty shouldn't get pimples. Those of us who still have acne as adults understand that this is not the case. Acne can occur at almost any age, and some people don't have skin problems until their 20s, 30s, or even later.


This condition in adults can have a number of causes. Some people naturally produce more oil in their faces, and therefore are more likely to suffer from acne problems. Poor sanitation sometimes plays a role, as do bacterial problems in some people. Rosacea is a condition confused with common acne in older people. This condition is frequently referred to as a form of acne. Rosacea causes reddening and swelling of the face, and other complications.



The human body is covered with pores or follicles. When these follicles become clogged with oil or sebum they can act as a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. The bacteria, acne vulgaris, causes infected lesions called comedones or zits to appear.

Throughout the last few decades, health care providers and researchers have sought for a clear understanding of what causes these follicles to become clogged with sebum. Though no single thing can cause acne, several contributing factors play a role in acne development.



Acne and Hormones

Many people suffer from acne caused by hormones called androgens. These androgens can stimulate sebum production and can lead to acne breakouts. Teenagers often experience an increase in acne around the time of puberty due to an increase in these hormone levels; but hormone related acne is not limited to teenagers. Many adults continue to have an overproduction of androgens and therefore a continued problem with acne. This type of hormone related acne may be manifested by an increase in breakouts around the time of menstruation.



Poor Hygiene and Pimples

Although many breakouts can not be cured by face washing alone, a proper hygiene routine can not be overlooked in the battle against acne. Once pores are clogged with sebum, it is Acne Vulgaris bacteria that causes the actual infected zits. If a person does not wash their face properly, dirt and bacteria can infect the clogged pores and cause acne. Likewise, if a person washes their face too much the scrubbing and constant irritation of washing can irritate the pores and make them more prone to infection.


Diet and Acne

For years it was believed that eating greasy or fatty foods could cause acne breakouts. Though it is doubtful that diet alone can cause acne, a balanced diet with adequate fruit and vegetable intake will increase the overall health of all body systems - skin included. Drinking 8 glasses of water each day will also help the skin to stay well hydrated and will increase its resilience against potentially infective bacteria.




This skin condition is frequently confused with acne in adults. However, the causes of these two conditions are quite different. Acne usually involves clogged pores and follicles, while rosacea is thought to be caused by a problem with blood vessels under the skin. It causes the skin on the face to appear red, bumpy, and irritated. Some people get pimples or pustules (a small blister-like bump) on their faces. In severe or prolonged cases, it can cause skin to become thick and rough. This condition can also lead to an enlarged, irritated, and bulbous nose. It can also affect the eyes and eyelids of patients, causing significant discomfort.



How to Treat Rosacea

Doctors sometimes prescribe oral or topical antibiotics, although their effectiveness is unclear. The antibiotics may help clear up pustules and pimples associated with Rosacea, but some people doubt their effect on the overall reddening. Working with a specialist, such as a dermatologist, is the best way to figure out the right treatment for you. There are new treatments coming out all the time. Because there are millions of Americans who have this condition, you can be sure that drug companies will invest heavily in research to find new treatments and hopefully a cure.




One of the most important steps you can take is to search for "triggers" that cause your rosacea to flare up or worsen. People report that alcohol, too much sunlight, and spicy foods are some things that can trigger a flare-up. Whenever your rosacea becomes troublesome, write down the date, and any recent activities that could have caused it. Stay away from skin products with perfumes and dyes. Some people report that using a concealer make-up with a green tint is an effective way to reduce the redness. However, be careful about using any products on irritated skin, and talk to your Doctor or dermatologist before trying anything on your own.



Pimples - To Pop or Not To Pop

That is the question that many of us face. Popping a zit, or pimple, can be beneficial in some cases. However, it frequently makes the problem worse. Pimples that are below the skin's surface should never be popped or prodded at. Trying to pop this kind of zit will almost always make things worse, and can lead to scarring.

You really should never pop a pimple that is under your skin, especially those that are painful. They will heal on their own eventually, and may benefit from topical acne medications. However, you can't "pop" a pimple like this. There is a layer of healthy skin you literally have to destroy to get to the actual pimple.



White heads, or pimples that are clearly visible on the surface, can sometimes be removed safely. If you decide to pop one of these, make sure you wash your face and hands very well before doing so. This will help prevent infection. You should realize that by popping a zit, you risk scarring or even infection. If done properly, neither should happen. However, it is important to consider the possible downside.

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Iveenia Iveenia 6 years 22 weeks
it is VERY useful information - :) thank you Cherlene :)
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Thnx Cher! This is great info! i don't have an acne problem, cept the occasional BUMP, but i have friends who have adult acne issues and a girlfriend with rosacea, which she struggles with concealing! :hug: