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Alice Gorman's Love List

I was more than likely suppose to watch this episode of Oprah, because Lord knows I'm not an Oprah fan. I kept hearing about the book, The Secret. Reading about it in magazines, watching it being reported and from a few women on this site. Everyone knew or read the book and most saw the movie. I caught an episode of Oprah discussing it. The show was titled, "The secret behind The Secret." I'm not going into the details of the book, because you all know about it all ready.

I was so... into the show. One thing that stuck out to me other than the book itself was Alice Gorman's column about The Love List. This feature was and IS for us desperate young and older women that are having a hard time wondering where our Mr.Right is. It's like we're dressing up to find/get the prince, but we still come up empty. If that even, because there times we get the guy and he's still a goddamn frog....ARUGH!!!

Without posting the whole freaking article, I'll just give you all a little summary. A woman was depressed, frustrated and desperate after having failed relationships, being a widow and a broken engagement, a friend pointed her to a psychic. This psychic told her to go home and write a list of 100 things describing her perfect man. Yep, a damn list is all it takes to get Mr.right. She wanted her to describe the man of her dreams from head to toe. From his personality type to his looks. Everything had to go on that list. If you want him to be faithful(what woman wouldn't put this down?), it would have to go on that list. I sat and thought about this list for a good minute.

I also asked, "what have I got to loose?" So I began to write out mines. Yes even at the tender age of 21, I have a list ready and made to send out to the universe. Now I want to keep most of it a secret, but I can't help but share a couple of things with you ladies. The perfect partner for me in a man that understands marriage and family orientated. So many men give out weddings rings only because they know divorce exists. So it is very crucial that I included, understands marriage. Have a man that loves his family is a great thing as well. It shows he and understand what it takes to keep family happy. It shows he's a stable man or that he CAN be stable.

If you all want to read the whole article, visit this link!

arishma arishma 7 years 48 weeks
a.p.s.i agree with u.
almost-famous almost-famous 7 years 48 weeks
Yeah, I've never been the one to settle. I date like a man actually, (not a horny man though). I love Latinos to a fault! You know the model type that also stands up for his family. Not a hot blooded one, a cool one that goes after what he wants! Love those types!!! I don't try to change a man, unless he dresses a little to careless or too much into fashion! But good advice anyways! DOONEY♥BOURKE LOVER~♥
Marci Marci 7 years 48 weeks
I'm not sure about the 100 list thing per se, but I think the idea is to hook into to what you want in a partner and then recognize those qualities are either there or not in someone you meet. In other words, don't waste your time with someone who doesn't measure up. A lot of women think they can change a man, and maybe in some ways you can. But you want the basic guy to be the type of person you can build the life you want with; to be someone who has the same goals you do. There's your partnership. Who wants to change someone anyway? If you don't like the guy you have, he's probably not the right person for you anyway.