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Not All Pregos Come in the Same Package

I always thought that when a woman became pregnant, she grew a big round belly (and bigger boobs), and that's it. I thought every woman was the same, but that was until I started going to my weekly Prenatal Yoga class, and before I started getting comments about my own pregnant body. I didn't realize that pregnancy affects women differently, making big bellies, small bellies, flat bellies, round bellies, as well as maybe the not-so-desirable expanding tush, legs, arms, and swollen face and feet. We all grow our babies differently, and at first it made me self-conscious. I mean how could it not when people constantly were saying to me, "Wow, you're huge. Are you sure there aren't twins in there?!" Now I can see with this side-by-side photo of me and a good friend, both at the 30-week mark. We look very different, and I feel the unique way our bodies change and grow should be celebrated. Because you know what? We're growing a baby, and it's truly amazing that our bodies can do that.

So this is just a little reminder to all you mommies-to-be that have gotten not-so-sweet comments or are self-conscious about the way your body is changing. You are a unique individual who is growing an equally unique little one, and however pregnancy is affecting your body, it should be embraced.

esweet esweet 4 years 12 weeks
I'm only 5'1, and I'm at 33 weeks and people assume I'm due any day. I haven't gained much weight anywhere but my belly, but my belly is HUGE because I'm petite and there is nowhere to fit the baby! arlingtonrache -- I started showing early and can't imagine being 30 weeks and almost no bump -- but the bumps are not comfortable at all so no need to have bump envy! I can't sit or lay down without my husband helping (pulling) me up!!
mstrauss mstrauss 4 years 12 weeks
You gotta wonder why people show so differently? I mean, our babies are all generally around the same size (especially at 30 weeks) so why is one woman's belly massive and the others tiny? I am 29 weeks now and I get alot of "the baby is coming soon" and "twins?" and it's just amazing to think that with 11 weeks to go, I already look like I am ready to give birth. So what is going on in my belly and why is my normal sized child making my belly looks so massive??
arlingtonrachel arlingtonrachel 4 years 12 weeks
Great I have been having the opposite experience...bump envy! I am 30 weeks and while I love feeling the baby kick and move around a true "bump" has yet to appear.
runningesq runningesq 4 years 12 weeks
So true !
emo_stacer emo_stacer 4 years 12 weeks
Thanks, Beaner. This is a really nice post.
4 years 12 weeks
I agree with you! And I think that's why strangers often feel like they can comment on your pregnant belly. It's such an incredible thing to witness that saying, "Wow, you're huge," is more an expression of awe and pleasure and not meant to be an insult. Of course, people should be more sensitive. But if it does happen, just know it's probably meant well, as an expression of joy. I remember one neighbor telling me she knew I was going to have a girl because I was getting wide all over. My jaw just dropped! But she was right.