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Am I pregnant?


Its been 3 months since I stop taking birthcontrol pills. After I stop taking pills I got regular period(I'm not sure if it's regular or irregular). Usually my period start at 11th of the month and it will end in a week. Sometimes my period starts 1-2 days earlier or 1 day late. Since i stop birth control pills, after my period or before my period due date I'm having a spotting but no cramping,which I think It's normal?(implantation bleeding? or menstruation?). Last month my period start (October 8,2011) and I had unprotected sex ( Oct. 18-20). But me and my boy friend sure that he did not let go of his sperm cell inside of my body( I hope you get what i mean).Suppose to be I will start my period on Nov. 8-11 or later but until now(Nov.19,2011) I don't have my period.I'm a little bit stress because of work and I sleep late.And I start again taking birth control pills( 5 days ago,Nov.13), I'm trying to minimize my stress and I also took urine pregnancy test(Nov.16,2011) and the result is negative.Now the usual symptoms of having period like my breast is getting bigger than usual, farting and cramping is happening now.It's my first time to experience this matter. Am I pregnant?or it's normal that my period will be delay,because of the pills?