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American Idol Season 11


Honestly aside from Colton’s striking look, previously I thought his vocal was just averagely and technically built up.

But it all changed soon after listening to his solo rendition on “Fix You”
His vocal is not only increasingly powerful but soulful and authentic than ever added with his personal touches of piano (the music instrument he grew up with since his age of adolescence)
“Fix You” is the song of which Colton dedicated to his sister who also joined AI latest season but didn’t make it for Top 42. It is also the song that earns him the spot of Top 24.

Sounds crazy though… don’t know why I have kinda feeling about one song “Iris” from Goo Goo Dolls will sound good on him too with piano's version(Iris” is one of the soundtracks from City of Angels movie (1998).

Oh yeah, one more thing, among other reasons I like this contestant is because he is apparently not the kinda
“Mr. Sexy & I know it”...

Way to go, Colton! I'll be rooting on you

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