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Any Advice From Moms on Fitness During Pregnancy?

Hi there everyone,

I recently discovered that I am pregnant with our first child, so I am a little new on the best healthcare and fitness techniques. I have heard that moderate exercise and eating small healthy meals throughout the day is key as well as taking my prenatal vitamins, however I am a bit confused as to what type of moderate exercises or stretches I should be doing to remain healthy, as well as to prepare for delivery. Normally, my husband and I take walks around our neighborhood but with this heavy heatwave going on, we have been pretty much confined to the indoors. Any advice? What did you do to stay healthy and fit during your pregnancy??

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Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 4 years 37 weeks
I hiked and a recently-pregnant friend of mine danced, what I like about those is you can go at your own pace and rest as often as needed. They also gets you out socializing, which is a *huge* help when it comes to dealing with stress during pregnancy. Also eating light meals is a great suggestion, but not always easy to do. I was very lucky during my pregnancy in that my cravings were for fresh fruits & veggies and potatoes; I've met women whose cravings were for high-fat low-nutrition foods like McDs and mozzarella sticks- they really didn't have a choice over what they ate (resisting cravings is futile). So to some extent I think taking your prenatals and exercising is more important than what you eat, since you have more control over it. I stumbled across this earlier today while buying a veil, Belly Dance and Yoga for Pregnancy. The woman actually made the tape throughout her pregnancy. I just recently started belly dancing and love it, so this is something I would personally check out if I was pregnant: Also- one last thing- for stretch marks. A lot of women think shea butter works, but honestly I've met a few women who used shea butter and now they have a belly full of stretch marks. I used vitamin e oil and it worked wonders, what it does it help your body grow healthy skin cells instead of scar tissue (stretch marks). I also used it after my face was severely scraped-up years ago in a car accident- I can say faithfully that I owe my scar-free face and stretchmark-free belly to vitamin e oil. You can usually find it in the vitamin aisle of the super market, either in a bottle or in pill-form that you have to break open. Just make sure it's 100% pure vitamin e oil, it's golden-yellow like cooking oil. Rub it on your belly and boobs every day or every other day and you'll be fine.
pink-elephant pink-elephant 4 years 38 weeks
Wow these are all wonderful suggestions you guys! This has really helped me a lot. They all sound like something I can definitely do-so thanks!!! :-D
hazelnutt hazelnutt 4 years 38 weeks
I swam quite a lot as being in the water helped ease the weight on my back and legs. I also had some fun on Wii Fit and I did yoga as well (",) Do not over stretch.
magnoliagirl magnoliagirl 4 years 38 weeks
I did "yoga, booty, ballet, baby on the way" dvd a few times a week. It is a mix of yoga, cardio, and light weights. It really helped me stay fit during my pregnancy and therefore easier to lose the baby weight.
angelineore angelineore 4 years 38 weeks
I've recently discovered these kits from Mama Mio which are just fab: I really like the idea of combining your skincare/bodycare regime with exercise, so you are tightening and firming the skin as well as reshaping the muscles immediately beneath. I am seeing real results - quite an achievement with a 6-month-old baby!
stlbaby stlbaby 4 years 38 weeks
Shameless self promo here: check out the Pregnancy FitKitā„¢ - countless women have used it for a healthier pregnancy and baby. Good luck!
NoDramaMomma NoDramaMomma 4 years 38 weeks
I walked and did light weights. Around 6 months, I just did upper body weights, not lower. Continued walking 3 miles, 3 times a week until I gave birth.
Feyella-Cluelessmom Feyella-Cluelessmom 4 years 38 weeks
I did yoga at home. My husband got me a video called Zenmama with Rainbeau Mars. I thought it was really good. I also walked and you can start doing that again once the weather changes. I also found it was best to eat a number of small meals during the day, it kept the morning/afternoon/evening sickness away..