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I am at work all day and need effective ways to housetrain my 1 year old puppy! How do you teach them to hold it in?
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Any tips for training a dog to go on the sidewalk? He really likes the grass, not so much the sidewalk!

weffie weffie 4 years 11 weeks
If he's small enough, maybe you could try bringing along a square of astroturf or something... if he gets comfortable with going on a patch of grass on the sidewalk, he'll probably stop needing it after a while. May be worth a try, altho I'm no expert... I live in the suburbs and it took me months to get my dog to STOP going on the sidewalk :)
lynniepop lynniepop 4 years 11 weeks
Well I live in NYC and a park isn't always an option there just happens to be one right outside our house. So when we go other places he needs to go on the sidewalk.
4 years 11 weeks
huh, what? you want your dog to go potty on the sidewalk? Honestly, I don't see how that's a good idea - how do you fully get the dog's poop off of the cement? I've heard people trying to get their dog to NOT poop on the sidewalk, not the other way around.