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Is there an App for this?

Dear Geeksugerers,

I am looking for the perfect app.  I want one that will sync my ical To Do's (from the right side bar) to an App in my phone.

I know there are countless to do App's and list apps, but I cannot seem to find the perfect one.  I use my notes app to jot stuff down.  I have awesome notes as another to do app, but I would prefer ical to be my main task manager with a second for my todos imported from ical and thats it.  I liked the idea of automatic syncing with my computer, not going through a third party, etc.

I saw in the comments that todo(the app) supposedly had this feature.  But I tried it out and had trouble syncing it and it seems a bit complicated. I didn't try hard before giving up, but I just want a simple list (like simplist) but one that syncs.  And todo is a whole huge program and calendar that I don't need.

Does anyone know of any out there??  I feel I am writing the same to do list in ical, on my laptop post its, in notes, in my other apps.  It's not productive!




Happsmjc Happsmjc 5 years 34 weeks
Thanks geek and ok10minute! The app pictured is awesome note. I ended up keeping awesome note and use it for a lot of stuff, not as much to-do's, but you can customize the tabs, etc. I like it!
ok10minute ok10minute 5 years 35 weeks
I used Google Calendars. With iPhone, it syncs calendar when Gmail is set as exchange. (If you don't use Gmail, you can choose calendar only.) Google Calendar integrates flawlessly with iCal on my Mac and there's a program you can download to have it integrate with Outlook as well. It's been the only (free) way to keep my social calendar on my multiple platforms in sync.