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Appealing unemployment in california

So I have a question i was fired in late may 2011 and filed for unemployment three days after i got fired.I was let go for my "job performance" and really feel i was wrongfully terminated cuz of some shady things my supervisor said and did to one of my co workers. Anyways i had a phone interview on june 2nd and moved to a different adress a week after the phone interview but i changed my adress the day i moved and i never received any paperwork through the mail about appealing the decision cuz im pretty sure i was denied.So here is my question it is now october and i had a phone interview today and the person from edd told me they would send me the paperwork they sent to me in june for appealing there decision. Can i appeal it still even though i filed in late may? and can i get all the back pay which i believe to be 21 weeks? Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

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