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Parmesan-Crusted Puffball Mushroom Burgers
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An Apple a Day

If the saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away holds any merit, its safe to say I've got my bases covered. While they're certainly a solid snack option, the bulk of my weekly purchase are chopped (no peeling necessary), tossed with a smidgen of melted butter, a pinch of brown sugar and salt, whole cranberries, lemon juice, and — wait for it — La Boîte Yemen No. 10 (pumpkin pie spice works in a pinch) and roasted until slumped and juicy. Eaten straight out of the pan they're a treat in their own right, but when employed as a topping for oatmeal or Greek yogurt (with a handful of chopped toasted pecans) they make the morning grind worlds more pleasant.

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