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Let Home Repair Expert Lou Manfredini Answer Your Nagging Questions!

Lou Manfredini (better known as Ace Hardware’s home expert) has answered home-related repair and improvement questions for CasaSugar readers in the past, and this Fall, he's offered to answer your questions once again!

If you've been looking for advice on how to better insulate your home, fix that leaky sink, or how to tear down that terrible outdated wallpaper, Lou's the man to ask.

Submit your questions by simply commenting below, or asking the question in Community. I can't wait to hear what's been on your mind, as well as what solutions Lou has to offer.

Patricia14818666 Patricia14818666 1 year 3 weeks
I heard you on your Sat morn. show , say that decks should not have sealer applied during hot summer weather with temps over 75 degrees. Today, on the hotest day of the summer when schools are closing earlier because of the extreme heat ,95+ ,Dech Tech came sometime during the 2 hours I left home, and applied the sealcoat on my deck. Aren't they one of your sponsers? Didn't you recently have the ceo of Dech Tech on your morning show? If you can't explain this , you have lost your credibility. I tried to call the company to find out how long before I can walk on it ,and have not had an answer.
cmh6473 cmh6473 1 year 31 weeks
Hey Lou, I have a home built in the 40's and somewhere along the line it received aluminum siding. I prefer aluminum siding to to vinyl. The problem I have is that some wind did some damage to it. Is there a way to get the siding replaced? I have looked all over online for any place that may still sell this type of siding but all I see is vinyl and newer technologies for siding like the newer cement based stuff. Does anyone still make aluminum siding for homes or does anyone custom make pcs?
Thomas3515685 Thomas3515685 1 year 42 weeks
Hi lou I have an electral problem I was watching TV in my room and light circut breaker blow I wasn't doing any thing so I went down to reset it it won't reset what could I do check the attic for a mouse?
MPG54 MPG54 2 years 22 weeks
Hi Lou.  I live in a ranch on a crawlspace about 30 yards from train tracks and over the last 20 years of living here I have had to repair cracks in my foundation, walls and concrete driveway, among other things like popped nails.  No matter what I do they keep returning.  Of course I am assuming it is because when the trains pass, we experience vibrations in the house.  Is there anything on the market, or some techniques that builders in California may use in earthquake areas, can be used to stablize the drywall etc and maybe allow the vibrations but stop the cracks? I have also been told to contact the train tracks owner as this is a sign of poorly maintained tracks. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
bobtam3 bobtam3 2 years 27 weeks
How do I repair a Wooden Entrance door that has 1/2" wide x 3" long crack?
3 years 24 weeks
Lou, we just pulled up carpeting and found anice wood floor from the original 1929 built home...Paint splatters all over..we would love to keep it uncarpeted but trying to get the splatters up is impossible . We have tried mineral spirits and scrapping..don't want to ruin the finish...any ideas>? thx
3 years 42 weeks
My vent stack is dripping water in basement ceiling from condensate running down the outside of the pipe, since it turned cold, from the attic. How do I prevent the condensate from dripping down and causing leak damamge? Thanks Ed
3 years 50 weeks
I caulked the base of my tub where it meets the floor tile. It didn't really last. I realize the tub may change shape slightly when filled. Should I caulk or grout that seam, or perhaps both? Thanks. Pat Malone
4 years 1 week
I have ridges or ripples in my walls that show under the paint. What is the best way to sand them down?
4 years 2 weeks
Lou, I'm thinking of pouring a new sidewalk from my driveway to my house. 4ft. x 38 ft. Realistically, can I mix all the cement I need, or would it produce a better product to hire a truck to deliver it? I'm pretty handy, and trying to find the most affordable option.