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Website of the Day: Awkward Stock Photos

One of the most fun parts of writing and posting interesting tech stories all day long is selecting a photo to accompany each story. For some, stock photos are the way to go. If you're not familiar with the concept, stock photography websites have thousands of images to choose from, perfect for illustrating stories. But anyone who's searched a site will tell you they've likely stumbled across some particularly hilarious, interesting, and downright strange photography.

A new blog, Awkward Stock Photos illustrates just how ridiculously funny some stock photography can be. It's a simple site, similar to My Parents Were Awesome and We Have Lasers, but definitely laughable.

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Bhorugang Bhorugang 2 years 15 weeks
funny photos can view on
weddingphotography1 weddingphotography1 3 years 39 weeks
I'm looking for a website that has the best stock photos of candid or funny pictures. Most websites have stock photos of people modelling and trying to be funny, but they're not because they're set in a studio that aren't natural. I'd like to use the ones that are taken by the average Joe that captures people falling down or something funny and unexpected.<a href="">Wedding Photography Birmingham</a>
health500 health500 4 years 6 h
I know exactly the style that I have in mind but I don't think anyone makes it. Its a very specific "floral" pattern that looks more like a design than an actual floral. I attached below a few examples of what I like but the first link is the main idea of what I'm looking for.
dyskrasia dyskrasia 6 years 17 weeks
shut* down, not shot down. oops! That's what I get for hitting Post before proofreading!
dyskrasia dyskrasia 6 years 17 weeks
Hmm. I hope this site isn't served with a cease & desist from the stock photo sites. Another site with the same idea (istockhell, started by clientsfromhell) received one from iStockPhoto. Tumblr, who also hosts Awkward Stock Photos, was forced to shot down istockhell because of the C & D. Too bad. Most of these images are hilarious!
KadBunny KadBunny 6 years 17 weeks
lmao, oh god. thanks for making me uncomfortable geek i haven't even had my coffee yet. :D that crying baby in the office made me lol, i don't know why. awkward indeed.