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Change is Constant
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1. Seeing your baby’s first smile (does it matter that it could have been wind in tummy? Nah!)

2. Breastfeeding

3. Baby cooing and smiling when she sees you

4. Baby calms down when you give me a nice warm cuddle

5. Baby's first tooth

6. The first giant wobbly step

7. The first word

8. The first baby utters ‘mamma’ or ‘mommy’

9. Getting down for tickle-time…right after story time

10. Seeing your child/baby overcome an obstacle without your help

11. The start of potty training (Very huge accomplishment)

12. The first A, B, C…

13. The first 1, 2, 3

14. When your baby comes over to you for a hug (for no apparent reason at all)

15. When someone tells you that your child is handsome or pretty

16. When someone compliments you on how well-behaved your child is

17. Child learns how to dance

18. Enjoying the off-key singing of your child

19. Seeing your child make new friends

20. Your child is able to love someone else other than you and herself.

21. You can dance around naked with your child with no inhibition

22. Going shopping with your teen.

23. Kissing your child in the morning before leaving for work

24. when your child gives you something to show you what a wonderful mother you have been to him/her.