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It's Not a Baby Shower Without a Diaper Cake!
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It's Not a Baby Shower Without a Diaper Cake!

It seems like everyone is baking up diaper cakes these days! But there's a hot new trend in rolling and stacking the nappies — the shaped diaper cake! Inventive moms are going beyond the one-, two-, and three-tiered creations by molding the Pampers into new structures from baskets to tricycles. We've rounded up 33 of our favorites that you can use as inspiration for your own inedible confections.

It's Not a Baby Shower Without a Diaper Cake!Diaper BabyDiaper CarriageDiaper BearDiaper WreathDiaper MotorcycleDiaper Baby BottlesDiaper BootieDiaper BouquetDiaper Baby ShoePersonal Diaper Cake
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