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Bacon Bloody Mary!

I wouldn't expect anything beyond the basics at a divey bar like San Francisco's 500 Club, but I scored a bacon Bloody Mary there this Saturday. Sweet! Besides the bacon, my drink had okra, celery, olives, onions, lemon, asparagus, and baby corn. And the bartender told me that she makes a homemade chili sauce earlier in the week that she uses in her concoction. Pretty impressive! I thought it was a nice touch that she gave me the extra tomato juice on the side — sort of like when you order a milkshake at a diner and they give you the mixer cup.

Besides looking amazing, it tasted really yummy. It was spicy with the perfect balance of acid, and best of all, fresh. I hate going to a bar and getting a Bloody Mary that's made from a mix. It was nice to find another place in the city that does them from scratch.

nancita nancita 5 years 47 weeks
Wow, I would not have thought the 500 club would offer something so decadent. That sounds amazing.