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Greek Yogurt with Red Wine-Infused Dates, Toasted Walnuts & Honey
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There's Bacon in my Peanut Butter....

Bacon in peanut brittle...bacon in my ice cream...even bacon to top a cake? and are up on the bacon trend sweeping America by offering these...and more. Surprise guests and become the favorite person to your bacon-loving family members.

And if that wasn't enough...check out 50 MORE ways to use bacon

There's Bacon in my Peanut Butter....Bacon peanut brittle.Bacon sea salt.Bacon popcorn.Bacon bits.Bacon topping for a cakeBacon ice creamBacon-tiniBacon baklavaPork rinds
amelioratelj amelioratelj 7 years 18 weeks
I am all for the sweet/savory combination-the ice cream might be tasty...but the bacon-tini? BLECH!
hvanness331 hvanness331 8 years 2 weeks
That photo of a piece of bacon sticking out of a martini glass is just plain gross. I like bacon and all... but wow!
ashleycakes ashleycakes 8 years 2 weeks
Didn't team have a recipe for someone that made chocolate bacon cupcakes once? It sounds interesting, but I don't know if I could go for a combination like that or any of the above ones either! :D