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Baked Eggs in Ham Cups

Baked Eggs in Ham Cups


Baked Eggs in Ham Cups

Baked Eggs in Ham Cups


12 Eggs

12 thin slices of deli ham (round)

1/2 Cup of your favorite cheese (I used Parmesan)

1/2 Cup diced scallions

Fresh cracked Sea Salt and Pepper


Preheat the oven to 400.  Spray a muffin tin with cooking spray.  Lay a piece of ham in each hole creating a little ham cup.  Crack one egg into each hole and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Bake the eggs for about 12 minutes…until the white is firm and the yolk is still nice and runny.

Carefully remove each egg from the muffin tin and top with grated cheese and scallions.  Serve hot!  Yield: 12

Mimikins Mimikins 5 years 15 weeks
Thanks for posting! Such a great breakfast idea - bookmarking this for the next weekend :)
bluesarahlou bluesarahlou 5 years 16 weeks
I like to flatten a slice of bread and cram it in the muffin cup first...bake it for a few minutes so it gets toasty, and then layer in the thin slices of ham and cheese. Have to use medium size eggs though otherwise it won't all fit!
retroinAL retroinAL 5 years 16 weeks
These look amazing! Going to give this recipe a whirl on Saturday-thanks for the recipe!
lauren lauren 5 years 16 weeks
YUMMY! I am going to try this one!
fuzzles fuzzles 5 years 16 weeks
Love these, especially for breakfast! I normally bake them at 350 degrees though, but just because it times perfectly with my shower. By the time I dry off and run a comb through my hair, breakfast is done! :feedme: