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Bathing Suit Season Fastly Approaching...HELP!

Well it is almost June, which means it is time to pull out that itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini, well I am not quite ready for that.  I have been dieting and excercising hardcore since January.  I do a mix of cardio and weight training as well as watch what I am eating.  However, I have a slight problem.  During my work hours one of my co-workers leaves a bowl of candy on her desk... it is tempting...too tempting.  I probably go for this candy at least 3 times a day and I cannot do it anymore!!! Can someone please help me find a way to stop these cravings!! I need to stay away from candy and decrease my sugar intake!!

Sherief2741122 Sherief2741122 4 years 2 days
it helps to chew already have something w/out sugar. it should help take the edge off of wanting a piece of candy:) just stay focus!
harmonybear harmonybear 4 years 1 week
Believe it or not, I lost a decent amount of fat last year using the Aligne Health Weight Management program. Like you, I have a MAJOR sweet tooth. I could eat sweets all day, every day. So I looked for a program that used meal replacement shakes, because I'd rather drink them than eat veggies for two meals a day.