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Bedside vignette

I went with a salmonish color on my bedroom walls, and this is the look of what is on the left side of my bed. The wall decor is antique, the drum side table was bought at Target's online store many moons ago (I don't know if they still have it or not), the chair is from Anthropologie, the candelabra is from a store in Manhattan (forgot the name of the store, as it was long time ago), and is by a Mexican artist.  The lamp base is from Ikea, and the lamp shade is by Mibo.

Also, I want to share that I am having a giveaway of a Jonathan Adler vase on my blog. The entries are made when you "like" my blog's facebook page. For more details, please click here. Thanks. :)

Pinkyspages Pinkyspages 4 years 48 weeks
Very tranquil colour choice.
eclectic-touch eclectic-touch 4 years 48 weeks
Yes, it is an antique textile, but I didn't get it framed. It came framed, as the frame itself is also antique. And the best part is: I did not pay a cent for it, because it was my uncle's, and after several times of saying how much I loved it, he gave it to me as a gift a few years ago. :)
CourtneyOutLoud CourtneyOutLoud 4 years 48 weeks
I love the wall art --is it a textile you framed?
eclectic-touch eclectic-touch 4 years 48 weeks
Yeah, it is. Thanks! Goes well with the choice of decor pieces and furniture. Although, since I have had this color for a while now, I am itching to paint the walls a different color in the next few months.
kaynkay kaynkay 4 years 48 weeks
Great color choice. Must be lovely in the bedroom!