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Our Kitchen Remodel
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Before and After: Bathroom Face Lift

Our home was built in 1989, and while everything is in great condition, it definitely looks dated. So slowly we are giving the whole place a face lift, though some spots are getting more of an extreme makeover. Next up: the master bath. After we moved in, we immediately got rid of the brass and glass sliding doors, and years later we're finally finishing the job. In this room, the cabinets are basically brand new (if you bought them in the 80's) so I couldn't just rip them out without trying to improve them first. Being that we were also completely gutting our kitchen, the bathroom needed to be done on a budget too.

Here's what we did: One day I will replace the cabinets and counter tops, but for now a fresh coat (well three coats) of white paint did the trick for the cabinets. I changed out all the brassy hardware, awful fixtures, 80's style lights, and yucky aluminum blinds, for wood blinds, stainless fixtures, updated lights, and stainless pulls. For the walls, I went with "Slipstream" from Martha Stewart's line of paint at Home Depot. This low VOC paint covered like a dream and there was literally no smell — I was pleasantly surprised. A new shower curtain is on my to-do list, and I'm on the hunt for the perfect mirror to replace the old one, but with all the other updates both look just fine for now. And viola! I'm pretty pleased with the finished product! What do you think?

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Our Kitchen Remodel Our Kitchen Remodel Our Kitchen Remodel Our Kitchen Remodel Our Kitchen Remodel Our Kitchen Remodel Our Kitchen Remodel
Nyrina-Windu Nyrina-Windu 5 years 48 weeks
Wonderful job!
seefree seefree 5 years 50 weeks
Great job...paint is a real miracle worker, isn't it?!
mianakao mianakao 6 years 4 days
Gorgeous! That color blue makes it a true powder room! Congrats, and nice work! :)