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Beginner Yoga Knees...OUCH

I just started a beginner yoga class and I am hooked. My problem is my knees have become bruised after the class...Does anybody know if anybody makes "yoga inspired" knee pads? And are knee pads a good idea at the beginning?

Therese-Cloughen Therese-Cloughen 3 years 31 weeks
Tolerating pain only creates a negative outcome that eventually can make a person experiencing pain quit yoga. Tolerating pain while becoming stronger and more flexible does not create a positive experience. Some people have had surgeries, have less tolerance for pain or simply are boney in structure and need support until they have developed all of the elements of yoga that make it the positive experience it can be every day of your life. Suffering is not contingent upon learning yoga.
Therese-Cloughen Therese-Cloughen 3 years 31 weeks
YogaKneez Knee pad! FaceBook Take the pain out of your pose. A knee pad designed to give you comfort while perfecting your yoga practice.
deecd deecd 6 years 8 weeks
I have the best yoga knee pads available for sale in different colors, shapes and sizes.
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 7 years 9 weeks
Or you can simply fold your mat under, depending on which pose you're in. My knees are not super sensitive but if we are going to do a lot of work from kneeling, I'll fold my mat over a few times to create a little padding.
Marlovestar Marlovestar 7 years 16 weeks
Everyone summed it up I guess, I agree, thicker mat and a folded blanket will do the trick. You may already be using a folded blanket for support during lotus.
Ricky-Tran-Yoga Ricky-Tran-Yoga 7 years 17 weeks
listen to the pain.. make adjustments when needed.. bruising will go away if you keep practicing.
bellechic bellechic 7 years 19 weeks
dont put your weight on the knee cap itself. adjust yourself until it feels comfortable. and i used to fold my mat or put my towel under my knee.
Clarabelle149 Clarabelle149 7 years 24 weeks
as you get stronger you might not put so much weight on your knees so this might be a teething thing - why not try a folded towel under them for now
Sexy-Queen Sexy-Queen 7 years 25 weeks
Get a thicker mat.
eu eu 7 years 30 weeks
In the yoga class I attend we use sponge blocks or a folded blanket under the knees if we need to, but just in asanas where our knees touch the floor and it's hurtful. There's non need to feel pain or discomfort when practising yoga, with time you will no longer need those props, but if now you need them you should most definitely use them.
Bisque Bisque 7 years 30 weeks
Usually a mat does it for me. Is there a thicker mat for yoga perhaps so it won't be so hard on your knees? :)
karmasabitch karmasabitch 7 years 31 weeks
Hmm nope I have not heard of knee pads. Maybe you could just put together something homemade? Seems like it would be pretty easy to do :ponder:
hithatsmybike hithatsmybike 7 years 31 weeks
really? your knees are bruising? that seems unusual.. there's no knee pads that I know of so maybe you can just get a thicker mat? I have a really thick mat and it's great