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Best Day EVER!

I just came back from a run, feeling pretty good, and thinking....Is this my Best Day Ever?  Yes! 


Everything I have been worried about is beginning to fall into place.   Do I feel lucky?  YES!   Do I feel blessed?  Absolutely!  


I really believe in the power of positive thinking.  Sometimes when things seem to be crumbling around me I remember what my Grandmother used to say... "let your light shine bright and the darkness will run away" so I have been particularly shiny and ever hopeful.  Things are looking up!


A scholarship has made my schoolwork easier, my new job is exciting and my boss is a great mentor. 

I think I'd like each day to be my best day ever, but it will be hard to compare to the day I was married, the days I had my children, and today....another one of my best days ever!


I just earned a spot on a scuba diving expedition!    I am SO excited!  

I wanted to share my Best Day Ever and ask you about your best day ever.   


What was your best day ever?   Let's celebrate!

cheekyredhead cheekyredhead 6 years 28 weeks
lildorothyparker...That is a fabulous observation! People are often far too hard on themselves. When my kids were little I told them they had super-powers...that they were in control of how well their day went. While we all have difficult days, it is important to find ways to look past them and focus on the great ones---or even better---the fabulous ones! The days we struggle make the days we celebrate even more important!
lildorothyparker lildorothyparker 6 years 28 weeks
Great post cheeky! I'm excited that everything is falling into place for you! My best day ever was when I realized that everything that I feel is okay and I don't need to beat myself up for feeling a certain way. We all deal with enough crap from the rest of the world, so if we can all be a little nicer to ourselves I think we'd smile a lot more :)