81st Annual Academy Awards
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Best Live Action Short Film

I was so glad to see the shorts again this year. It makes the ceremony so much more interesting when I know everything I can about all the nominees. I honestly loved each selection this year- the Academy really has their work cut out for them in narrowing this category down to one.

Auf Der Strecke (On the Line)
Rolf, a security guard at a book store, loves Sarah, a clerk, from afar. But after a tragic accident on the train they both take home, they come together for support. This short feels so real in the relationship between Rolf and Sarah and really hits a note of uneasiness with its final shot.

Manon sur le Bitume (Manon on the Asphalt)
An accident causes a young girl to reflect on moments in her life. This film was beautifully shot and is heart wrenching in its images. It brings together several characters with one very sad story.

New Boy
Joseph is taunted on his first day at a new school, which causes him to remember his last day at his old school. I loved this film as it was just the right mix of sweet and funny with despair and sadness. The film ends on a sweet note, with Joseph giggling amongst his new friends and putting his horrific past behind him.

Grisen (The Pig)
Asbjørn Jensen is admitted into the hospital for surgery and finds solace in a painting of a pig on the wall of his hospital room. When he gets out of surgery he is delivered some bad news, then discovers the pig has disappeared from the wall. He calls his daughter, a lawyer, to argue his case in getting the pig back on the wall as he has come to consider it his guardian angel. This short was funny and sweet, with a gleefully ironic ending.

Spielzeugland (Toyland)
Two small boys are best friends in WWII Germany- David is Jewish and Heinrich is not. When the Nazis come to retrieve the Jewish family, Heinrich’s mother tells him that David and his family are going to Toyland. Heinrich follows David’s family, causing his mother to go on a frantic search to retrieve her son. This film was very well made and has a heartwarming ending.

Spielzeugland. The Academy tends to favor holocaust films and this one pairs well with critical darling, The Reader.

What Should Win:
This is tough because I truly did love each and every selection this year, but I give the edge to Auf Der Strecke. Its characters were so real and it’s beautifully directed. The camera movements are intimate and do a lot to create a convoluted and sad love story in just 30 minutes.

kscincotta kscincotta 7 years 13 weeks
I just got back from screening the shorts and I have to say that I agree with most of your assessments here. I thought The Pig was really amusing (I giggled throughout, as did the whole theater) and Toyland was heartbreaking. On the Line and New Boy both had such an honesty to them in terms of how real people (adults and children) act in difficult situations. I loved them both, especially New Boy. The only film that I found that I didn't care for was Manon on the Pavement. It just reminded me so much of Diving Bell and the Butterfly Jar without the beautiful cinematography. I didn't care for Diving Bell the first time around and Manon just didn't feel like anything new to me. That said, I'll be happy if any of the other four win. I think it's going to be Toyland though.
Beachwalker Beachwalker 7 years 14 weeks
A lot of quality material here!!!
wren1 wren1 7 years 14 weeks
I'll be interested in seeing if your prediction comes true :)