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Posh's Sequin Leggings
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Beyonce Sequin Dress

Beyonce Sequin Dress
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tdsollog tdsollog 7 years 24 weeks
Too much.... I don't like.
Fire_Vixen Fire_Vixen 7 years 25 weeks
Don't like it...... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'A Wise Man Can Play The Part Of A Fool But A Fool Can't Play The Part Of A Wise Man.'
gabitzgabitz gabitzgabitz 7 years 25 weeks
i don't like it either... i don't know if it's the weird belt or the weird sleeves or the weird neck, but there's something about this picture not right... i LOVE it from the waist down though, the fall is incredible!
ivityY ivityY 7 years 25 weeks
I would say it again:Beyonce looks great in anything she wears!
samantha999 samantha999 7 years 25 weeks
I didn't even like it on Naomi when she did her fashionable sanitation duty. *************** "Enjoy life, it's ungrateful not to." - Ronald Reagan