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Big Brother All Stars Dream Cast

Which 13 houseguests from seasons 6-11 would you cast on All Stars 2?

For Reference:

Season 6
Season 8
Season 9
Season 10
Season 11

My choices-

From BB6


From BB8



Jessica Booyah!

From BB9




From BB10


Who would you like to see?

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Adam Busted. Post We have our winner!  See Live Stream of the Wrap part from Evel Dick's website. Want to fork Natalie in the bum? Fact or Fiction - Jeff is back in the house. Would Kevin take Jordon to the Final 2? You can't spell Natalie without lie.
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surgicalwarrior surgicalwarrior 5 years 45 weeks
DEFINTELY Evel Dick! Dr. Will, Jeff, Dustin, Howie, Russell, & Casey... All guys but I usually follow the guys more than the girls...
radarkitty radarkitty 6 years 40 weeks
Can we use people from Season 7 again? Because I would love me some Dr. Will and Mike Boogie action again. I'd bet they would kick more bootay too! :rotfl: Other than that I would like Janelle, Howie, Evel Dick, James, and Dan. And I'll throw Renny, Jessica and Eric in there again too. That's only 10 though. Memphis was nice to look at...This is hard!
carrieann9016 carrieann9016 6 years 40 weeks
Man I can barely remember who all was on last seasons HMMMMM? Def Janell, Jessica, Angie, Matt & Naughty Natalia (LOL), Shelia and there are a few othe rfaces I can see but can't remember names to right now. Now I don't remember without going back and looking them all up what seasons they were from.