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Bill Pullman's Son Busted with Moonshine
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Bill Pullman's Son Busted with Moonshine

Bill Pullman's 19-year-old son has been busted for allegedly possessing moonshine and assaulting a government official.

According to Ashville, N.C., news station WLOS, Jack Pullman and his friend, Allan Gaddy, also 19, were arrested Monday and face numerous charges including resisting officers, assaulting a government official, underage drinking and possession of moonshine. The two were released from jail the following night.

Pullman – who starred in Independence Day, Sleepless in Seattle and many other films – has issued no comment.

Nyrina-Windu Nyrina-Windu 7 years 30 weeks
Who in the world took that photo? That is not a mug shot, if so then the police dept. needs to do better ones. That thing is blurry and no suspect is supposed to be making faces when you take the final shot. A smile is ok but faces, um, no.