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I'm not sure if any of you have experienced this but last week hubby and I had bite marks on our ankles. Then the next night, I noticed more bite marks on my upper arm. Then I noticed more behind my knees. They're not mosquito bites either. They're really small dots that are itchy. They don't have the appearance of welts. We thought at first that they might be bed bugs because our son doesn't have them. But then we asked about bug bites, someone told me that bed bugs only occur in really bad and filthy situations :shrug: Is this true? Can bed bugs occur in clean environments?

Have any of you had a problem like this? Ugh, I'm getting the heebie-geebies just talking about it.

Shiloh-Jolie-Pitt Shiloh-Jolie-Pitt 7 years 30 weeks
Yikes! It's good that you decided to call a pro DC. They will know what kind of insecticide to use so it will not be harmful for the skin. You'll have to keep BabyB off your bed until the bedbugs are gone :( _________________________________________ "Supporters of the theory of intelligent design are often the ones who appear to have been most shortchanged in that department."
colormesticky colormesticky 7 years 30 weeks
It doesn't mean your house is dirty. The hotel Jackson and the guys stayed in was actually really clean. Imagine their surprise when they all had little red bites from ankles to armpits. The hotel called me and said the exterminator didn't find anything and they'd send me a copy of the inspection results, but they never did. I'm betting it's because they were lying out their backsides and didn't want to give us a refund. Whatever, as long as they took care of the problem. Anyway, karma has way more experience actually dealing with them. Since I knew Jackson was going to be bringing them home we washed his stuff in hot water and changed the sheets after he'd been home a couple nights, and didn't have any problems.
DesignRchic DesignRchic 7 years 30 weeks
Yea, good call Karma, I'll definitely look into professional help.
karmasabitch karmasabitch 7 years 30 weeks
They really are horrible little mofos. The guys I had come spray were awesome and they (like most places, I think) came to check out the house for free.. Bug bombs & such have no effect on bed bugs unfortunately, so you really do need professional help :(
MotoLinz MotoLinz 7 years 30 weeks
Oh no! Don't be embarrassed - I have heard that bed bugs are on the rise, anyway. Certainly doesn't mean your house is dirty.
DesignRchic DesignRchic 7 years 30 weeks
IDK, bugs in our home makes me feel dirty....When hubby gets home I'm going to check and see if there are bite patterns on his skin too.
karmasabitch karmasabitch 7 years 30 weeks
Whaaaa? What are you embarrassed about girl? It's not because your house is dirty.. In our case the biznitch across the hall (99.9%) brought them into the house in her suitcase after staying in a few different hotels. The bug bite pattern certainly does not look good :( I was hoping it was fleas!!
DesignRchic DesignRchic 7 years 30 weeks
I know! :( I'm so embarrassed!
MrsJigglesworth MrsJigglesworth 7 years 30 weeks
oh no, Doc!
DesignRchic DesignRchic 7 years 30 weeks
Eeek. After reading the information on this website: I believe it's bed bugs :scared: "Bed bug bites create large wheels of bites made in orderly rows." This is the pattern I have on my skin on my upper arm and the top of my foot. Friggin' gross!
DesignRchic DesignRchic 7 years 30 weeks
I've inspected our bed and haven't seen any bugs or stains. :shrug: Thanks for the info girls..I'm going to look into the whole flea thing. I just pray our son doesn't get any bites. Thanks for the info Karma, you weren't rambling :)
karmasabitch karmasabitch 7 years 30 weeks
Okkk my post was probably rambling but it's late and I'm :zzz: :pepino:
karmasabitch karmasabitch 7 years 30 weeks
Take it from me girl, bed bugs can infest ANY area no matter how clean it is. We had two infestations at the last house I lived in and it was not for lack of cleaning. They live EVERYWHERE, in the mattress, furniture, print frames, you name it, but they are *almost* impossible to find. There are ways to check for them but in my case our house was infested for a while before I (just by chance) smacked one walking up the wall.. and that is VERY uncommon behavior for a bed bug in the light of day. Other than that, I had not been able to find any evidence off the ferking things. I would say to first rule out fleas or any other (easier to get ride of.. ) bugs. There are much simpler ways to check for fleas (if you google it you will find a ton of useful info) and they are a lot easier to get rid of as well. If you are STILL getting bites after cleaning, spraying, bug bombing, or whatever it is you do.. then you may want to have a professional come and inspect.. but if you have them spray for the BBs make sure you look around.. I checked out a TON of pest control places and the pricing was FERKIN INCREDIBLE.. and then *luckily* I found this little family owned place that got rid of the bugs for a good price. PM me if you need any help!!! :fingerscrossed: They are not BBs because those things are just horrifying.
lickety-split lickety-split 7 years 30 weeks
we had a flea festation once. our cat went outside one freakin day and that was enough. they loved to bite my youngest. we tried every way possible to get rid of them and had to flea bomb in the end. could it be heat rash? is it warm where you sleep, or an allergic reaction to a new detergent you used on your sheets/blankets/carpets?
redegg redegg 7 years 30 weeks
We have gottne bitten while asleep but never to that extent! I think they make these bags that you can put around your mattress that kills any bugs that may be living in them. I heard about this a qwhil back so I can't give you any more specifics and I may be making it up. :rotfl: That cartoon is perfect since NYC had a huge outbreak in the hotels last year, I believe, lol.
audreystar audreystar 7 years 30 weeks
yeah capn that is how you tell. i posted a link but it was flagged. :(
audreystar audreystar 7 years 30 weeks
Yeah I would say so. I didn't know you could get fleas without having a pet. I know you can bring them in but I figured they didn't multiply unless on a host with fur. :clueless:
atoxicsparkle atoxicsparkle 7 years 30 weeks
I think someone said if it's bed bugs, you can look along the seams around the edge of the mattress for red stains? Was that Sticky who said that when Jackson was in that hotel with bed bugs?
LaylaCams LaylaCams 7 years 30 weeks
Fleas would probably be easier to treat than bed bugs though, I'd imagine.
CocoChic CocoChic 7 years 30 weeks
Could it be fleas? :shudder: That's so gross!
audreystar audreystar 7 years 30 weeks
oh gosh i hope it isn't bed bugs. you can tell if you have bed bugs by examining your mattress. do you see any stains that weren't there before? let me find a link on how to find out. we were talking about this before somewhere.
DesignRchic DesignRchic 7 years 30 weeks
No one's stayed in our house. Ever...we have a tiny place....The last place we stayed was my MIL's but her condo is immaculate. Are there any other possibilities?
LaylaCams LaylaCams 7 years 30 weeks
I use to work at a hotel and someone carried bed bugs to one of our rooms. We had to shut the room down and have it sprayed tons. Replace the mattress and everything. So I think bed bugs can occur in any condition because they can be carried. Has anyone new stayed in your house? Or did you guys stay somewhere that might have had the bugs and you guys carried them back?