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Homemade Green Chile & Ham Frozen Breakfast Burritos
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Black Berry & Avocado with Spring Greens

Baby chard, baby arugula, kohlrabi microgreens, avocados and blackberry with a simple vinaigrette!

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pandacn pandacn 4 years 8 weeks
OMG, that looks amazing!!! I love avocados, and I love blackberries. Never thought to put them together. And the baby chard and arugula make a nice touch also!
Sundown321 Sundown321 4 years 14 weeks
Wow! I love salads with fruit that are not filled with sugar! I cannot wait to try this!
ngocnguyen ngocnguyen 4 years 17 weeks
That looks great :) and great for you too.
rarethinking rarethinking 4 years 17 weeks
I want some right about now. :) look delicious!