Revamping Baby's Room
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10 Nursery Design Ideas Inspired by Wallpaper
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Black & White Sophistication

We just moved into our new house (a sprawling foreclosure), so I had free reign with this room! As you can see in the before photo, the room was dull, dingy, and needed lots of TLC.


My goal was to use black and white in a tasteful way to help the baby's visual development. My first choice was stripes around the room, but I figured that might just make the baby dizzy after a while. So, instead, I went with a high-gloss black latex paint, and brightened up the room with tons of white. (The green is an after thought accent color to warm up the space).


Also, in an effort to be somewhat creative, I stuck a vinyl decal of a tree on the wall, painted over it, and then cut out the vinyl with an X-acto knife. Had I thought ahead, I could have incorporated the accent green on the tree. Sticking a vinyl decal on the wall wasn't creative enough for me . . . and I didn't want to deal with all of the air bubbles.


Since we're in a tight economy, everything you see (with the exception of the crib and the chandelier) was found on Craigslist. Nothing was over $40! I also found items for free from the freecycle network. I just sanded the furniture and painted it flat white to match everything else in the room . . . well, my husband handled all the hard work. Small accents like the beautiful black and white crystal chandelier just added a touch of chic for our new baby girl!


Note: I know the black isn't for everyone, but I really wanted to make a room that our daughter could grow into...and one that would remind her to be a sophisticated lady. As time goes on, the room will go through many transformations and I'm sure all of her toys, clothes, blankets, etc. will bring the "baby" dimension to the room flawlessly.




maddiesmommy maddiesmommy 6 years 29 weeks
Loved it!
The-City-Girl The-City-Girl 6 years 30 weeks
Wow, you really did an amazing job! I LOVE that you added molding at the top off the walls, and a chair rail--as well as framed the windows. I think that's what made the most dramatic difference, but of course everything else is gorgeous too :-) Great job!