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Bill Pullman's Son Busted with Moonshine
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Bono busted through Facebook partying with teenagers

You really need to be careful what you put on your Facebook profile. Recently an Australian man was busted taking a day off work due to a hangover…after he wrote it as his status. Now, it looks like Bono might have been caught out.

Bono and friend Simon Carmody, an Irish musician, were holidaying in St Tropez when they caught up with two teenagers, Andrea Feick and Hannah Emerson, both 19. They playfully posed for pictures with the bikini clad girls, who then posted the pictures on their Facebook pages, which were then printed in the Daily Mail.

The Irishmen met up with two 19-year-olds, American fashion student Andrea Feick and her British friend Hannah Emerson, in the playboys’ playground of St Tropez.

Miss Feick told The Mail on Sunday she had known Bono for a few years but insisted their relationship had never crossed the line beyond friendship.

She said: ‘I think that for somebody who’s much older than I am… no thank you.

‘No…God no!’ she laughed. ‘God no! He’s a friend of mine and that’s pretty much it. I’m not going to get into details, but it’s a small world.’

Miss Feick and Miss Emerson posted pictures of the holiday on the Facebook website, open to the public in the site’s New York and French networks.

Miss Feick excitedly announced the trip in one public message to her friend, saying: ‘So Bono and Simon called me yesterday and they arrived in Cannes today, so looks like we’ll have a plan! :)’

Bono is 48, I wonder how he feels about being called old?

The pictures are totally innocent as far as I can see, just playing for the cameras, but the British tabloids have put as sinister impression on them as they can. Although, I have to say if the same pictures surfaced of my husband on his private yacht (the one we, er, don’t have) he’d probably have some explaining to do when he got home.

Another celebrity recently embroiled in a Facebook scandal is Australian Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice, who was pictured partying in a fake police uniform in the lead-up to the Olympics. Also, Miley Cyrus’ myspace pages and personal emails were hacked to reveal those provocative teenage poses – she probably had some explaining to do to her parents after those came out. Possibly more than what Bono’s got when he goes home to his family.

The only part of the story that reads a little suspiciously is when fashion student Andrea describes Bono as being a friend – exactly how does a reading university student and a philanthropist rock star meet and make friends casually?



aprilmayjune4 aprilmayjune4 7 years 29 weeks
Perhaps the young woman's mom (or dad) were friends with Bono first? I don't know. For someone who has been in the spotlight for over 25 years, you'd think that if the connection was shady, he'd make sure it didn't go public. He has kids around that age- he has to know that everything gets posted on social networking sites now.
Great-Sommelier Great-Sommelier 7 years 29 weeks
Big deal is, they are just "of age", apparently been friends for years with these middle aged married men.
jennyreviews jennyreviews 7 years 29 weeks
These are not girls, they are women of age. I don't see what the big deal is. I used to like them older, now I prefer younger.
lorenashley lorenashley 7 years 29 weeks
a teenage girl on your lap bono? real cute...
kapilly-17 kapilly-17 7 years 29 weeks
Of course this is inappropriate! Regardless if he was just "hangin" out with them or not, what woman, or man, would feel ok with that? Guys will deny to the end of time, but it only takes an intelligent woman with a backbone to realize she is being disrespected and walk away. I wouldn't put up with this for a second, and my bigger question is why does he feel the need to party with other women anyway???? If you're not going to act married, then don't get married!!!! Pretty simple.
Great-Sommelier Great-Sommelier 7 years 30 weeks
lol, that is what I was wondering. If they've been friends for years, how did they meet? And he called her? hmmmm But yeah, if these were of my husband and two teenagers in bikini's he'd have som 'splaining to do!