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Bravo Accidentally Reveals Top Chef DC Winner
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Spoiler Alert! Bravo Accidentally Reveals Top Chef DC Winner

Eager Top Chef fans are just hours away from finding out who's won the Washington DC season — but if you're dying to know early, you can find out who wins right about now. Why? Because in gearing up for the season finale, it appears Bravo's online team has inadvertently revealed the show's winner. To find out who that is — warning, don't click if you don't want to know just yet!

In a video clip that has since been removed from the Bravo website, Bravo's Andy Cohen is quoted as saying, "Before we get into anything, we have to congratulate the winner of Top Chef: DC, Kevin! Kevin, how surprised were you when Padma said your name in Singapore?"

Are you surprised to find out Kevin is the winner of Top Chef: Washington DC? Who were you rooting for?

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nholcombe nholcombe 5 years 36 weeks
I don't think many people expected Kevin to get as far as he did in the competition, much less to see him announced the winner. I wasn't even a huge fan of him until I saw him doing so well! As others are saying, he is "the nice guy" and I am glad to see a guy win who concentrated on his own performance and tried to do the best he could without any competitive trash talk. Angelo was sick, Ed gave up on the dessert and passed it off completely to his sous-chef. Score one for the good guys!! And for people who are saying he won because is he black is ridiculous.
corcar86 corcar86 5 years 36 weeks
I am sad that there is such an anti-Kevin outpouring here :( Personally i liked him from the start and was rooting for him or Ed to win it. I liked his tenacity and passion for cooking and I think that he consistently worked his butt of and took risks...he wouldn't have made it that far otherwise!
elw722 elw722 5 years 36 weeks
I just saw the episode and cannot believe Kevin won. This decision reminds me of Season 5 and Hosea winning. Absolutely ridiculous.