Brian Hugh Warner (Marilyn Manson) without makeup

I don't think these pics ruin the myth that everyone in LA is "perfect".
On the contrary, would that guy be... human ?!


Shelia14564764 Shelia14564764 2 years 24 weeks
I am scared of the one with makeup but the one without is so hott
Payton2594713 Payton2594713 3 years 31 weeks
He does look less scary but thats how he has so many fans or ppl wouldnt be his fans if he isnt wat he is now
greenbeans greenbeans 5 years 3 weeks
He's gorgeous w/out the makeup, though his creativity with makeup and costumes/themes/images is undeniably striking.
kidfishman kidfishman 5 years 11 weeks
How Hugh Warner became Manson in his adolescence is a very interesting must read
lucyparker lucyparker 5 years 11 weeks
Marilyn Manson Without Makeup Pictures 2010:
Rossimania46 Rossimania46 5 years 28 weeks
He would've been a great cast for Severus Snape |D
mary55908 mary55908 5 years 51 weeks
He's fucking hot either way. But I like the makup, that's art.
ohmygoditskate ohmygoditskate 6 years 1 week
It shouldn't matter what Marilyn Manson looks like with or without his makeup. The reason he wears the make up is because he's trying to send out a message that it shouldn't matter what you look like or what you wear. He wants people to be creative. Everyone has a presentation. Everyone looks a certain way because they want to convey a certain image. You look a certain way because you want people to listen to you in a certain way. He wants to be extreme to let people know it doesn't matter how odd you are, and it shouldn't. But I guess now a days people want everyone to be what they want them to be. =]
Nellllll Nellllll 6 years 8 weeks
He looks scary with that makeup! & without it he looks suspicious!!! Noooooooooo..
sabbatha sabbatha 6 years 45 weeks
he is really young in that pic it looks like.he is just sort of ordinary and cute.he is hot either way.
ohwowitsme ohwowitsme 6 years 47 weeks
i think he looks kinda cute without the make-up... :) bet dita von teese and he looked like a really cute couple at home)))
ohwowitsme ohwowitsme 6 years 47 weeks
i kinda think he looks cute without the make-up on... :)
nismb nismb 6 years 48 weeks
he looks as if he had never been fucked.
little-bee little-bee 6 years 50 weeks
He's kinda cute without make-up!
MarilynManson MarilynManson 7 years 11 weeks
i like em with or without make-up
Cuppitycake Cuppitycake 7 years 19 weeks
OMG I think he should put the makeup back on.....he looks like a really ugly, homely country bumpkin girl without it!
cherrypie61 cherrypie61 7 years 26 weeks
He looks like a nerd!! lol
Lily65 Lily65 7 years 26 weeks
Er.... Different, lol!
emmaxx-vintage emmaxx-vintage 7 years 27 weeks
He looks almost normal without the all his makeup. Less.. freakish and scary.
steph-shipwreck steph-shipwreck 7 years 28 weeks
he's still hot...that's weird for saying that huh?
suebree96 suebree96 7 years 28 weeks
Don't know why but he reminds me of Paul Rubens (aka Pee Wee Herman) without make-up
CourtNie CourtNie 7 years 28 weeks
He looks good without the makeup. But he is kind of nutty so i guess its what makes him
kasey_87 kasey_87 7 years 32 weeks
he looks like a dork without makeup, but he looks extra scary with makeup. i dunno
robinesque robinesque 7 years 33 weeks
He still looks suspicious!!!
ellegirlsays ellegirlsays 7 years 33 weeks
He looks like an Average Joe w/out. He looks scary with.