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Business Studies
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Business Studies

Hi sugar's

Yes it has been a while since my last blog, but as you know I am studing a business course so a lot of my time is consumed studing....

The first assignment I have is on venture capital vs borrowed funds. how to create a profit forcast, and a basic understanding of how shares in a company work, if any of you work in any area of business: I don't care if you find it dull, I am really interested in all aspects and really care about how it all works:

So If you could blog in the group or give me tips, pointers, websites, anything that will support this interest as I am sure I am not the only one studing business studies.

To help you all my first textbook is all about financial management, Nz bases it running of a company on the Usa 's which makes it heaps easier.

anyway: if you work with shares
Own your own business
do taxes
do profit margins and analysis
are an accountant
work in finance
work at the bank
work in a company
or a student studing simular topics
join and contribute

thanks sugars, you guys are a great friends and support while I do this:

Auckland CityBusiness Capital of New zealand:Auckland City

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