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CC Skye - Up, Up and Away?

CC Skye's collection of bracelets is a cross of elegance and rocker chic. Nicole Richie has been seen wearing some of the designs and it had been featured in fashion mags, Lucky, Elle, and also InStyle. The bracelets have either a leather or denim band woven through a chunky gold chain. What do you think? Is this something that you would wear? They retail for $200 (double wrap $265) at

Lower photo collage credit to username:

plumrose plumrose 7 years 30 weeks
This is so funny, I made that lower collage for my client Boutique to You! So, if you like these and want them at 20% off - maybe i can earn my keep for them and get some credit for the collage! Go to and use take20 when you checkout!
haute-kitty haute-kitty 8 years 45 weeks
They have cheaper versions in Victoria Secret Catalog and I think, THINK, at
crazygirl93 crazygirl93 8 years 45 weeks
I love them! Especially the blue!
cocca cocca 8 years 45 weeks
i use to like these, but it seems like they are every where now... :(
Java Java 8 years 45 weeks
i like blue
rc630 rc630 8 years 45 weeks
I agree with ammimmiam; you can get the same thing for $5 at Forever 21 and you can't tell the difference
ammimiam ammimiam 8 years 45 weeks
I love them, theyre pretty but theyre a little expensive.