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Feed Yourself! 10 Tips For Introducing Finger Foods
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Cannelés Bordeaux, To Help A Friend

cannelésSydney and I had the unexpected fortune to meet the most optimistic person in Colorado, if not the nation. He knew I was a pastry chef and began questioning as where he might buy copper cannelé molds for his girlfriend. (He happens to be vegan, but his girlfriend is a “foodie”). I opened my I-pad, began quickly giving him web addresses to culinary stores. I was writing my fourth web store for him when he admitted she had never had a cannelé, but thought they looked yummy. I suggested before he invested in exquisite copper molds it might be best if he would allow Sydney and I to bake a few for his girlfriend. He immediately agreed.Sydney and  would be please to share are Cannelés Bordeaux with you at Bobbie"s Baking Blog