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Cappuccino Cupcakes

When it comes to the kitchen, most people seem to fall into one of two camps: you’re either a cook or a baker.  It’s rare that someone can do both, and do both well.  I, for one, am no baker (cook may also be debatable).  Aside from the fact that I’m not a big sweet tooth, I seem to ruin every pie, cake and cookie I ever try to make. Unfortunately, fried chicken doesn’t quite say “I love you” like a basket of heart-shaped cookies—both in theory and literally… it’d be pretty tricky to write “I love you” in hot sauce the way you would with icing— so for Valentine’s Day this year, I had to get creative.  I wanted something sweet, something that could be considered remotely romantic, and something that even I, baking-impaired, non-sweet tooth, could make and enjoy.  Oh, and apparently, it had to also contain a ridiculous amount of butter (Caution: this recipe is NOT low-cal).   So what did I come up with? Cappuccino Cupcakes, of course.

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Wewantsunshine Wewantsunshine 5 years 13 weeks
I totally recognize myself in the "cook Vs. baker" description :-D
Sweet-Kirstin Sweet-Kirstin 5 years 13 weeks
Love 'em with my Black Coffee, Cigar and with all my 100% Sweet Passion! :DROOL: :thumbsup: :coffeecup: :hug: :LOVE: :medal: :pinkribbon: sweetkirstin :heart: